In this section you will find a large range of bouncy castles, inflatable slides, inflatable games, skydancers and bespoke inflatables.The most original and innovative inflatables in the industry.

IPS Interactive Play System

Give new life to your old inflatable or make your new inflatable interactive with the IPS portable suitcase.

Small inflatable

Small inflatables with the same quality as large ones.
Perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Medium Inflatables

The medium Inflatables  have a perfect size for commercial use, right in between the sizes of the small and the regular

Standard Inflatables

The regular moonwalk, with dimensions 520 x 400 cm has proven to be the perfect size for commercial use. Available in different themes and colors.

Large Inflatables

They say that bigger is better and in this case they’re right! The large Inflatable is our largest Inflatables in our stock.
Our commercial Inflatables and bounce houses are not just for children.

Multiactivity Inflatables

Multiplay Inflatables are very popular with smaller kids age 4 – 10. Some of the great features this multiplay inflatable has to offer are obstacles, punching bags, climbing walls and slides. Custome

Multiplaying Inflatables

The multiplaying inflatables offer hours of fun for kids, big or small. Additional features, such as the big slide and inflatable objects on the bed, make this inflatables stand out.

Disco Dance Inflatables

The new sensational attraction of Inflatable Games: the Disco; with LED lights and audio box with MP3 player. Available in various themes, colors and characters of the animal world and cartoons.

Ball Shooters Inflatable

The ball shooter games are unique and created in different colors, size and themes.
Our integrated ball shooters are patented and they are powered by the (air)pressure of the Inflatable.

Interactive IPS Inflatables

IPS is based on the unique combination of light, sound and games. Interactive spots are wirelessly connected to the scoreboard to enable challenging games between players.
The mobile set includes 10

Inflatable Water Games


Playable Inflatables

Inflatable games available in various themes, colors and fun. On this page you will find inflatable games for various sports, created for a wide audience of children of different ages and in compliance

Recreative Inflatables and Games

A series of Inflatables created and designed for children of any age. Funny, with various themes and colors, they range from the simplest inflatable Mega Pencil and Tailless Donkey to the most challeng

Inflatable Attraction

For every need we have a right inflatable for you: obstacle courses, slides, inflatable tunnels, rodeo bull, climbing, fun and sports games.


Inflatable Obstacle Courses

These paths are possible in different sizes, from 9 meters up to more than 46 meters!
The obstacle courses contain various elements such as: pillars, tunnels, slides and climbing walls and are possi

Inflatable Slipways

Here you will find a wide range of Inflatable Slides, from the smallest for optimal placement in small spaces to larger ones for events, parties and anniversaries that need larger spaces.
The inflat

Inflatable Climbing

These exceptional inflatable games capture the attention of every event, created with slides, climbing walls and surprising elements.

Inflatable Tunnels


Interactive attractions

IPS is based on a unique combination of light, sound and play. The interactive spots are connected wirelessly with the score panel and allow you to play fun games.
The mobile set consists of 10 spot

Inflatable Rodeo Bull



Do you need a Mobile Playground, fixed or the largest carousel Playground in Europe? You can find them here.
Their small dimensions facilitate the transport and the location, inside them you can fin

Spare Parts

Here you will find all the accessories and spare parts needed for your inflatables and playgrounds. If you do not find the parts, please contact us.