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Exhibitions we took part to

Frog Amusement, owner of the "Lucan's Distributions" brand, has took part to the most important trade entertainment / amusement exhibitions, taking place throughout Europe and also in Italy, just to introduce their products and expand its portfolio of customers.

Thanks to these events and to the Internet, we export our items to Greece, Spain, Portugal, Lithuania, Holland, Finland, Norway, Russia, Czech Republic, Germany, Malta, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Dubai, Bahrain and Iran.

Every year many visitors pass by our exhibition stands, to see personally the quality of our products. Here’s a photo gallery of different exhibitions we joined.

Enada Rimini 2011 – 30 years of work celebrated in Enada

Las Vegas 2009 – Franchini and Lucans together for the first time in a stand at IAAPA 2009 in Las Vegas

Enada Rimini 2009 – The last exhibition in 2009 where we participated and presented our new interactive kiddie rides to the Italian market and also our great range of products and services.

Atei London 2009 - The brand Lucans exhibits along with Franchini Toys, company leader in the manufacture of small and large kiddie rides, and present their interactive kiddie rides to the ATEI spectators: different speed and accordant to new safety standards set by the European Community. The products have attracted huge interest from visitors.

Enada Rimini 2008 - The new range of products presented to the Italian market, including new collections of toy capsules, new kiddie rides, new and traditional vending machine.

Atei London 2007 - The Lucan’s Calciobalilla arrive to England, with new systems and safety standards. RECORD of visitors to the stand and record of contacts received.

Enada Rimini 2007 - Driven by the success of the ATEI in London, record of visitors at the ENADA, with presentation of the new Calciobalilla.

Atene 2007 - Exhibition of Athens (Greece) in 2007, trade entertainment show for children and teenagers, where the company presented new Calciobalilla and a new range of toy capsules.

Atei London 2006 - The brand Lucans presents a new line of vending machines dispensing toy capsules and bouncy balls, but also the landing of Calciobalilla in Europe.

Enada Rome 2006 - The new collection of toy capsules and new vending machines, improved design and safety.

Enada Rimini 2006 – Lucan’s mega stand at the Italian spring entertainment fair. Presents the entire range of products, from vending machines to products for entertainment such as Calciobalilla and the new cabinets for slot machines.

Enada Rome 2005 - Introduced the new plastic made vending machines, very practical and functional, less maintenance and more durable than previous sheet metal versions.

Atei London 2004 – Presented a new collection of interactive vending machines, toy capsules and bouncy balls.

Enada Rimini 2004 - The Italian entertainment Fair that Lucans can not miss.

Enada Rome 2004 - The brand Lucans and the 3L group present a new range of products for the game to the Italian entertainment spectators, exposing in a stand larger than 100 square meters and getting the consent of all visitors.

Enada Rome 2003 - The whole Frog Amusement brand at the fair trade of the entertainment industry in Italy.

Enada Rome 2002 - The presentation of the brand Lucans to entertainment market in Italy; there have been several foreign contacts as a proof of prosperous period that is affecting this area.